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Saturday, May 15, 2010

MODIFIKASI Honda Karisma ’03

MODIFIKASI Honda Karisma ’03

sikuda iron-looking road race proved powerful 125 cc. Instead of just 110cc Revo, owned by I Gusti Ngr besutan Ade Setiawan's new robes carrying the body intact above Revo Charisma engine.
Machinery sector, according to Ade already upgraded with a piston Blitz Joy gives a chance berkarbu PE28 easy condition. Makin sip Ignition disuport BRT with waste sector results Ahau Motor plots.

The concept is indeed fighter asphalt racing, underbone Footstep changed the style of the AHRS, also made a support-style handlebar bend under the guise of half of the dikepras Vario bottom side.

Problems do not want to lose the dynamic display, body fat Karisma exchanged wholly owned Honda Revo bergrafis with start flag. What appears evident is in the main frame side of the middle of a difficult Karisma closed Revo body. .: Neo / Roel / DNR

SOK DPN: Koso, DISC discs: RGR & Nissin, KALIPER: Brembo and Nissin, SWINGARM: Posh Factory, SOK BLK: Razor, a rim: Rossi 160/17, BAN: FDR MP 27/300/17, mask: Vario, Bodi: Revo, KARBU : PE 28, Ignition: BRT, clutch: TDR, exhaust: motor Ahau, Footstep: AHRS, Stang: Ninja, stabilizer: Storm, GAS: TDR, CAT: Blinken, BRUSHER: Eka Jaya Jl. I Ngr Rai BST 03,617,903,401.

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