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Thursday, July 8, 2010

MODIFIKASI Honda Supra x 2003

MODIFIKASI Honda Supra x 2003

Funky bike shed one of Jambi city, troops Summoji (Supra Motor MODIF Jambi), one of which the most diligent Yoga Sidewalk playing in this genre. Luxurious facial with the most innovative changes brought MODIF create cool on the road to the setting modification contest.

Stretcher should carefully look at the trend of modification, from the front side with Sein jap style lamps on the front chest X Supra 125's in use. Of course that does not appear prominently on the back wing is covered with a mixture of fiber.

Go back a little pair of accessories to decorate the body which body modification neat, no oil cooler, karbu Koso, until the tube Yeis. more unique, so you can easily monitor the size of the water battery, this battery box perforated out body. Taillight was taken half the body's Honda CS-1 with the extension of the fender and equipment owned by the original Supra.

CUS modif gradual, make until seven months. Especially sector foot-coated with a layer of chrome that all funds exhausted MODIF USD 4.5 million.

Both rims installed fan is still too wide, clipped double disc Brembo four piston calipers. The more fitting, swing arm contrived box modification monosok who must give up a little part in the gas tank. | Neo

SOK DPN: USD Ride-It, discs: PSM Double, KALIPER: Brembo, SWINGARM: Yoshimura, SOK BLK: Yoko, discs BLK: Kitaco, Pele: Evo fan, BAN: FDR 50/90x17 & 60/80x17, stern: CS-1 , OIL COOLER: AFG, exhaust: AHM, SIGN: SPX 125, stabilizer: Yoshimura, FILTER: Koso, BRUSHER: Resic Jogja, modifier: Nugraha Jaya Jl. Mutual Assistance Simpang 085 266 683 669 Jipin Jambi.

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