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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC 2006

MODIFIKASI Yamaha Jupiter MX 135LC 2006

Syahruddin Romadhon who commanded the DJM Modified, Pasuruan, East Java, not only the motor MODIF consumers. Got myself dioprek follow-up. Jupiter MX 135LC concept that has been racing reinforced. The result is certainly more racing at the front.

Youth who daily display maximize addressed this Doni MX's actually been cool spend. Made fiber body is just adding in some sectors.

"Actually, the general view of this MX is cool. Just a few parts that I disagree. The line-line should be more emphasized, let racing aura can be obtained," added the boss who is 24 this year.

Front cover design is a sector that was not touched. Only a function of changing lights. Which initially was Sein, who is also now a headlamp Sein. This is done because Doni apply bald handlebars. Automatic headlamp shell must be willing evicted following.

Only then went downstairs. Precisely at the side deck or wing. This is where small debris to happen, "Design is made wider. It is inspired fairing sports motor sport. So, if the force was applied motor sport, would make the look more fierce," said brother from Jl. Gatot Subroto, No.. 2, this Pasuruan.

increasingly cute when Doni is also continues to make the cover of the line engine designs become one with the side cover. As for the middle deck, still rely on the original. But, on the side cover has done a lot of debris. Remaining practically cover only 40% original, extra rest made fiber body kit.

Design side cover until the stern was referring to motor racing. Because, young man who lived in Kradenan, Coral Ketug, is applying the seat of Pasuruan single sitter. So, automatic seat cuted original. The rest of the body replaced by a new model of wasp tail. Design choices become one with the right and left side cover.

Let balanced with a new body, swing arm also made as if large. Though still using the original swing arm, you know! Only Wraped with using fiber materials. "While the designs mimic real motor racing which naturally dimensions have been adjusted," confident.


Front tire: 100/80-17 Mizzle
Rear tire: 110/80-17 Mizzle
Front disc: Kitaco
Sok back: Gazi
Exhaust: AHRS
DJM: (0343) 431861

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